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Quick overview of book content

When you improve your Financial Intelligence, this results in Better Business Decisions and Bigger Profits in your Business!

Cash Flow Management

Cashflow is the actual money flowing in and out of business (lifeblood or fuel). Studies show that 80% of companies fail due to poor financial planning and cash flow management.

Investing and Protecting your Money

You need to keep a sharp eye on your money in the banks and also keep an eye on the financial institution itself. Moreover, it is essential to investigate before you invest in assets.

Best Money Management Apps

In these days of advanced technology, there are many Apps available to help you manage your budget or plan your money – such as WALLY.

Tips from Highly Successful People

Find ways to minimise your taxes, pay your taxes but take advantage of tax reliefs, tax credits and deductible expenses


This FREE eBook contains information to help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business and manage money effectively.

About author

About Author

I am Royston Andrew Cumberbatch, A Certified Chartered Accountant and Business Consultant with almost 30 years’ experience, working with different types and size of businesses.

Founder of Money Managemnet Education and RAC Management Consultancy

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs and business owners, in the areas of creating a clear vision for growth and expansion, managing money effectively, analysing business performance and making better decisions, maximising profit and investment returns and paying just enough taxes.