The loser tells Tone which he uses an admiration concoction also known as “cool Cold Medina” that makes people like your

The loser tells Tone which he uses an admiration concoction also known as “cool Cold Medina” that makes people like your

Lest we have too swept up when you look at the words of track, lets keep in mind the big breathing across the audio, the non-native trial, as well as the parts in which Tone states “break they straight down” and practically nothing takes place. And there can be cowbell involved.

I would like to expound my personal opinion on the reason why Tone Loc’s “Funky icy Medina” is just one of the ideal tunes available.

The tune starts with Tone in a pub failing woefully to attach. The guy notices that some loser gets all women.

What is the initial thing Tone really does once this stranger provides your this fantastic really love concoction? Tone provides they to their canine. Your dog then humps Tone’s lower body. This could not be my personal very first option for use of the prefer concoction.

In verse 3, Tone uses the Medina with a stylish girl the guy meets at a bar that turns out to be a man in pull. Comparison this to the hip-hop tunes: emcees these days datingranking boast about many women they sleep with, and here’s build stating that he receive one in pull appealing.

The guy doesn’t go to the strip pub or even the school library, the guy continues on a casino game show in which he’ll satisfy ONE girl. The guy takes his go out toward Hilton.

Despite being in control of your fantastic like concoction that attracts female to your, Tone after that decides to go on enjoy connections in verse 4

Their date next starts referring to preparing a wedding with build, presumably due to the fact Medina had been a touch too powerful. Build asserted that she moved too quickly so he ditched her.

Today, i’d believe however have seen gender making use of the woman which talks about the wedding. The song is all about build’s breakdown to copulate, precisely why wouldn’t the guy bring the woman to a-room and also have gender together with her? Isn’t that the only reason that males explore event projects anyway?

At the end of the tune, I’m still mislead about who’s expected to drink the Medina. The guy who gives the Medina to Tone states your Medina should go “in their glass;” that isn’t a track about falling pills to ladies. Nevertheless when Tone brings it to their dog, the dog humps Tone’s leg. Would not giving the Medina towards the dog make Tone like to hump the dog?

Let us rating. Build gets magical fancy potion, makes use of it with (1) his puppy, (2) a person in pull, and (3) a prepared lady he ditches. Inside the Hilton.

Lest we get too trapped from inside the words in the track, let us remember the heavier respiration over the audio, the non-native sample, and parts in which Tone says “break it down” and next to nothing happens. And there is likely to be cowbell included.


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