We requested the participants that has received sexual images whenever they got asked its companion to transmit her or him the image

We requested the participants that has received sexual images whenever they got asked its companion to transmit her or him the image

Desk 7 shows that, across all countries, more than half the students individuals who sent an intimate visualize said affirmative just thoughts (select measures section for a reason away from actions)

Years 14 Ages fifteen Decades 16 Ages 17 Total Chi square Bulgaria forty two (28%) 43 (37%) 87 (38%) 39 (41%) 218 (35%) Not significant

A gendered pattern emerges: boys were more likely than girls to have asked their partner to send the image, although differences were only significant in England (18 per cent for boys compared to 3 per cent for girls (X2(1)=, p<.001).

Throughout countries, sending/acquiring intimate pictures is are not reciprocal, that have up to several- thirds of these having delivered a photograph plus reporting with gotten a photo. Inside the Norway and you can England certain gender improvement are found – that have up to 80 percent out-of girls who had sent intimate photo also with received sexual photos, than the up to 60 per cent regarding men. This might be planning to echo the greater proportion out-of ladies than boys during these

Desk 6 means that there had been substantive country differences in this new quantity of teenagers which said sense your sexual photo that they delivered ended up being shared because of the its mate. In the The united kingdomt, up to a third (32%) ones who’d sent an intimate picture on the mate stated that it absolutely was mutual, compared to the as much as a fifth (21%) out of young adults within the Norway, eleven % from inside the Bulgaria and 8 per cent within the Italy (amounts had been as well low in Cyprus so you’re able to declaration percent). For the England and Norway, female versus guys was in fact a whole lot more going to declare that the image is actually mutual by someone (England – 42% for females compared to thirteen per cent out-of people, and Norway – 27 % for females compared to the 12 % to own boys). Throughout four nations, males had been expected to point out that they mutual the image that they had gotten than just girls , even when these types of variations have been just statistically significant into the Bulgaria (find Desk 6). In a number of countries it can be likely that men lower than-stated their level of discussing a photo they had obtained. Instance, in England and you can Norway, women was much more likely to help you declare that a photo try shared by the somebody than just men was to claim that they common an image.

tape affirmative simply responses to have sending sexual pictures (even if in Cyprus it needs to be noted this amounted to help you only ten lady professionals). In contrast, having England, Italy and Norway, statistically high intercourse distinctions had been used in relation to the newest impression away from delivering https://www.datingranking.net/escort-directory/cedar-rapids/ an intimate picture; girls had been less inclined to give affirmative only solutions than guys on these countries (pick desk 7). Such as, when you look at the The united kingdomt, 91% of people advertised

Therefore – within the The united kingdomt, Italy and you will Norway, lady were more likely so you can statement negative ideas once delivering an intimate visualize than simply males

17 Bulgaria Female 68 (87%) 7 (9%) n<5 Not significant 10 (13%) Not significant Male 64 (80%) 9 (11%) 7 (9%) 16 (20%) Total 132 (84%) 16 (10%) 10 (6%) 26 (17%) Cyprus Female 10 (77%) n<5 n<5 Expected cell counts too low n<5 Expected cell counts too low Male 23 (82%) n<5 n<5 5 (18%) Total 33 (81%) n<5 n<5 8 (20%) England Female 69 (41%) 50 (29%) 51 (30%) X2 (2)= , p<.001 101 (59%) X2(1)=sixty.step 1 78,p<.001 Male 80 (91%) n<5 7 (8%) 8 (9%) Total 149 (58%) 51 (20%) 58 (23%) 109 (42%) Italy Female 25 (57%) 7 (16%) 12 (27%) X2 (2)=9,895, p<.05 19 (43%) X2 (1)=5.157, p<.05 Male 101 (75%) 22 (16%) 12 (9%) 34 (25%) Total 126 (70%) 29 (16%) 24 (13%) 53 (29%) Norway Female 51 (57%) 16 (18%) 23 (26%) X2 (2)= ,p<.001 39 (43%) X2 (1)= , p<.001 Male 52 (85%) n<5 6 (10%) 9 (15%) Total 103 (68%) 19 (13%) 29 (19%) 48 (32%)

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